Always unusual, different and unique. Always on the fringe.

Silver has never been a part of this world in the traditional sense. The push to conform to society's ideals, ways of dressing or thinking, distresses her very core. As an artist, designer and human being with so much to give, creative expression is as important as breathing for Silver. Too important to suppress, to expansive to contain.

The routine of life and pressures of society have always been restrictive for her. She is not here to maintain the mundane continuity of existence but to seek absolute truth, discover the power of thought, to run free and allow the mind to imagine and be expressed in forms of art that can be worn - without judgement or self doubt.

Silver has experienced that the power of humanity is in intuition, therefore the jewelry, clothes and things we surround ourselves with are the expression of this innermost truth.

An artist, a designer and a channel of creativity; her path in this world is inviting individuals to express their minds, souls and innate powers through jewelry.